Cherry Ambrosia

Manufactured from matured Virginia and golden brown Burley to which a specially roasted Cavendish has been added. Cherry Ambrosia gives a light and pleasant smoking.

Dark Twist

A full roll cake tobacco for special moments. Round in taste and quite characteristic. The specially spiced, dark Cavendish ensures its pleasant taste and harmoniously matches the choice Virginia tobacco.


Mac Baren Mixture is the most popular pipe tobacco in the world. It first saw the light of day as far back as 1958 and is now found in 64 different countries all over the world. Burley A very distinct tobacco. made from white Burley, well matured in wooden casks. A real smoking pleasure.

Virginia No.1

Macbaren Virginia #1 is a ready rubbed tobacco of exceptional and matured Virginia tobaccos, which bring about its mild and characteristic sweet taste.


Navy blend. A mixture of fully ripe Virginia tobaccos, sliced, cask mellowed Burley tobaccos, and dark, spicy Cavendish. To give this blend an elegant aroma the blend has been flavored with aged Jamaica Rum.


A harmonious blend of Kentucky Burley, Virginia and Cavendish tobaccos, ready rubbed to deliver a light sweet taste.

Vanilla Creme

This is a colorful loose cut blend mixed with cut plug. Manufactured from selected matured Virginia and mild black Cavendish tobaccos, added an exceptional vanilla flavor.

Roll Cake

Deluxe roll-cake pipe tobacco of medium strength. A blend of twisted Virginia, Cavandish and Perique tobaccos. Spun Cut.

Golden Extra

A ready rubbed blend manufactured from carefully blended, matured Burley tobaccos, giving Golden Extra a mild and pleasant aroma which has made it popular with pipe smokers all over the world.

Black Ambrosia

This is a special blend of choice, fully ripe Burley and matured Virginia tobaccos. A mild and tasty pipe tobacco with an exciting aroma.

Mixture Modern

Mixture Mild is a mild and slightly sweet tobacco which does not bite your tongue. The wellknown MacBaren Mixture characterizes the aroma.

Scottish Mixture

MacBaren Mixture is the most popular pipe tobacco in the world. It first saw the light of day as far back as 1958 and is now found in 64 different countries all over the world.

Latakia Blend

MacBaren Latakia Blend is a spun cut and, like all MacBaren's spun cut blends, specially selected whole Virginia leaves are used as the wrapper.

Mixture Flake

Virginia, Burley, and the original Mac Baren Cavendish are the base tobaccos of Mixture Flake. Carefully pressed, stored and cut into slices - this unique, slow burning and slightly aromatic flake can be your companion all day long.

Roll Cake Club Blend

A roll-cake tobacco, spun from rich, matured Virginia and choice cavendish tobaccos giving Club Blend its medium strength and delightful aroma.

Roll Cake Dark Twist

One of Mac Baren's oldest blends, Dark Twist is made in roll cake style. Sweet mature Virginias and dark-fired Kentucky are cased with maple sugar to enhance the natural flavors making for a robust blend with a soft subtle note.

Mixture Modern (Danish Blend)

This blend is at the mellow end of the taste spectrum in the Mac Baren Mixture line. Danish Mixture Modern is a true aromatic blend mixing tangy Virginias with nutty Burleys and black and gold Cavendish. A slight hint of honey and vanilla make for a sweet flavor and splendid room note.

Mixture (Scottish Blend)

Mellow and slightly aromatic, Scottish Blend, combines ready rubbed, matured Virginia tobaccos with golden brown Burley, Cavendish and loose, ripe Virginia. Mac Baren's Mixture is one of the most popular pipe tobaccos in the world.

Navy Flake

Mac Baren's Navy Flake is an exceptionally smooth smoke mixed from the finest Virginias with a taste of Burley and Cavendish, enhanced with rum and a touch of honey to create a blend with a slow, cool smoke.

Spun Cut

A spun-cut tobacco using wonderfully sweet matured Virginias and steamed black Cavendish, Club Blend is a standout in Mac Baren's lineup with a natural sweetness and delightful aroma.

Vanilla Flake

Mac Baren's Vanilla Flake is a blend of matured Virignias and mellow black Cavendish topped with an exceptional vanilla flavor. This true flake provides a pleasant, sweet and aromatic taste experience.

Virginia Flake

Virginia Flake is pressed with the finest flue-cured tobaccos. Mac Baren blends those tobaccos with a subtle topping to deepen the flavor making for a sweet smoke.